Fashion Creation Department

Fashion Creation Department

Fashion Creation Department

Garment Creation
In two years gain a general ability and knowledge of garment creation including fashion design, pattern making, sewing, illustration etc.

Intensive Garment Creation
This is a course that is specially for graduates of specialized vocational schools, junior colleges, or universities. It is a practical one year course where students learn the process from design conception to pattern, pattern development, sewing, coordination, and product development.

Advanced Course
Established as an advanced course, this course will develop high level specialist skills to suit the individual aims of each student.

Fashion Design
Aiming to produce highly skilled designers by improving creativity and an ability to express ideas.

Fashion Creation Technique
Aims to produce technicians who have high level sewing and pattern making skills.

Haute Couture
Learn high level skills and develop a sound knowledge of appropriate garment creation for each individual customer's preferences, objectives and body figures.

Evening Program Garment Creation
The same curriculum as Garment Creation Course( 2 years held during the daytime).
※International students can not apply for this course unless they have a long-term visa or working visa.

Fashion Technology Department

Fashion Technology Department

Fashion Technology Department

Creative Design(Advanced Diploma)
In order to understand the overall process from the planning stage to sales strategy in the apparel industry, students learn the basics of garment creation in their first and second year. In their third and fourth year they develop specialized knowledge through collaborations and internships with external corporations.

Foundations of Fashion Technology
Students gain basic knowledge and skills for garment creation. The course is divided in to four courses from the second year.

Creative Apparel Design
For those students aiming to become designers and creators who can succeed in the global era.
※Men's wear elective course is available upon entering third year

Apparel Design Technique
Develop high level pattern making knowledge and teachniques.
※It is possible to select the production systems course upon entering third year

Industrial Merchandising (tentative)
Creates graduates who are able to manage a business, project and a brand.

Knitwear Design
Gain a broad knowledge of knitwear and cut-sew to be applied to the field of knit apparel.

Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department

Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department

Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department

Global Business Design
A specific concept is set for each year of the course with the purpose of creating entrepreneurs who have a business focussed way of thinking. The first and second year will develop student's project planning ability and through internships in the third and fourth year students will focus on their own graduation project.

Foundations of Styling and Distribution
Learn the fundamentals of fashion and fashion marketing and distribution in first year. In second year the course is divided in to five courses and students develop their own areas of specialization and become ready to enter the industry.

Fashion Styling
Students will develop creativity and communication skills to be a professional in their field of expertise.

Fashion Advising
Producing sales service professionals who have high level product knowledge and coordination skills.

Retail Planning
Learn retail shop planning and management.

Fashion Modeling
Aiming to produce well rounded models who can work for magazines, TV and shows.

Fashion Make up
Producing hair and make professionals.

Advanced Course
The fashion marketing and distribution course was established as an advanced course and seeks to produce graduates with highly specialized skills.

Fashion Directing
Seeks to realize the dreams of students which are based on their individual interests.

Evening Program Foundations of Styling and Distribution
In first year learn the fundamentals of fashion marketing, distribution, and retail. In the second year learn through marketing how to give presentations and prepare project proposals related to retail marketing and distribution.
※International students can not apply for this course unless they have a long-term visa or working visa.

Fashion Accessories and Textiles Department

Fashion Accessories and Textiles Department

Fashion Accessories and Textiles Department

Fashion Textiles
Students learn how to make original goods and how to plan distribution routes and production costs. They will gain specialized knowledge related to processing methods, a wide variety of raw materials, textile processing, printing, and tye-dyeing.

Foundations of Fashion Accessories
Students learn in first year the basics of each goods and in the second year the coure is divided in to each area of specialization.

Millinery and Jewelry Design
Producing creatros who can propose new items and contribute to product improvement.

Bag Design
This course aims to train bag designers with advanced knowledge and techniques.

Footwear Design
Creating originality and creativity while remaining concious of the market.