Brochure Request Form for Those Living Abroad




Please send us an e-mail to request a brochure. Make sure you state all of the following information 1~5.
The e-mail address above is for brochure request only. We are sorry but we cannot reply to the other requests.

*The application process and the entrance examination you take will depend on which visa you have/will get. Those who have a student visa will take the exam for international students. Meanwhile, those who have any visa other than a student visa will take the one for Japanese students. The application schedule and required documents are different between those two. If you are not sure which exam you will take, call us at 03-3299-2216. Subject:Request Bunka Fashion College Brochure
  1. 希望資料の種類:日本人用文化服装学院入学案内書(願書含む)or 留学生用文化服装学院入学案内書(願書含む)
    Which brochure would you like, “for Japanese Students” or “ for International Students”?
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    Your address, postal code, country
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