After graduating from Bunka, you will be the fashion creators of tomorrow.

Bunka Fashion College became Japan’s first approved dressmaking school in 1923, and since then has taught and researched the professional knowledge and skills of dressmaking to contribute to the development of the fashion education industry and the fashion industry. The College also has nurtured highly creative talent with advanced skills and expertise, producing over 300,000 alumni and a lot of international fashion creators. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of Japan’s fashion industry has developed alongside that of the College. Such a proven track record is built on our commitment to providing a great learning environment, well-equipped professional facilities, and original curriculums that have been developed over many years of research. The College has earned an international reputation as a fashion school playing an irreplaceable role in the industry.

In recent years, as a fashion education leader in Japan, we have established two advanced diploma courses, which is equivalent to a four-year bachelor degree program in Japan: Creative Design and Fashion Marketing and Distribution. We are working to promote practical and professional training, and are involved in joint research with companies and many industry-government-academia collaboration programs. Through those endeavors, the College is always continuing to evolve to meet the challenges of our times.

Our teaching staff have a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, acquired through their experience as leading figures in the fashion industry, and they teach their students with a sense of responsibility and a spirit of sincerity.

Bunka Fashion College’s parent body is Educational Foundation Bunka Gakuen, which has strived to create a source of fashion information in Japan. The foundation’s organizational structure is designed to allow students to learn specialized knowledge and skills from a wide range of sources, and consists of Business Divisions and Educational Divisions. The Business Divisions include Bunka Publishing Bureau, which was established with the aims of promoting fashion education and of improving fashion culture through Bunka Fashion College. The Educational Divisions include Bunka Gakuen University; Bunka Gakuen University Junior College; Bunka Institute of Language; and Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Japan’s only professional graduate school in the field of fashion. Those school’s campus is equipped with the latest facilities, and contains many affiliated institutions and research laboratories. One of the affiliated laboratories is Bunka Research Lab for Style and Function of Fashion, which is equipped with various types of anthropometric equipment and conducts research and development on the body types and clothing patterns of people of all ages ranging from children to the elderly. The affiliated institutions include Bunka Gakuen Fashion Resource Center, which gathers, analyzes, and presents every piece of academic and business information on fashion as well as textiles and related videos; Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum, which houses valuable materials from around the world; Bunka Gakuen Library, which houses some 320,000 books.

We at Bunka Fashion College have a long history, teaching staff with specialized knowledge, well-equipped facilities, and opportunities that link our student’s creativity and fashion business. The College offers the perfect environment to learn and hone your skills to play your part on the world stage.

Sachiko Aihara,
School President