A message from the School President

Bunka Fashion College covers all the fields of fashion industry

Our mission is to nurture superior talent to be globally active in the international fashion market.

Bunka Fashion College was established in 1912, with the goal of spreading western sewing skills in Japan, first as a place to teach sewing skills for ladies and children's clothing. In 1923, Bunka Fashion College gained recognition as the very first fashion school in Japan and since then has become the center of fashion education in Japan. With its close connections to the industry, Bunka Fashion College has grown simultaneously to meet the burgeoning demands of the fashion industry. With our original curriculum which follows the changes in every sector of the industry, we have improved the talent training system in the fashion industry from a global perspective and successfully nurtured numerous international level creators. As a fashion education leader in Japan, Bunka Fashion College offers 4-year Advanced Diploma Courses in Creative Design and Global Business Design, which are equivalent to bachelor degree program in Japan. We are not only teaching practical and technical training, but we also execute joint research initiatives with industry, and expand our collaborations in governmental, industrial and academic circles, in order to develop and evolve in answer to meet to the demands of our time.


It is vital that the education we provide reflects our society, to strengthen the merger between industry and educational institutions, concentrate on the advancement of fashion education in Japan and the globe, and contribute to develop a sustainable society. The world-leading curriculum at Bunka Fashion College cultivates student's creativity and individuality, and it is our mission to encourage students to become active creators on the world stage.

IWe proudly boast a wide-ranging faculty, which has over 90 years of cumulative achievement and experience as leaders in the industry before entering the world of academia at Bunka Fashion College. This gives our instructors real-world experience and skills, wisdom and knowledge that is vital to their effectiveness in bearing the responsibility of teaching the next generation of creators.

Our parental body is Bunka Gakuen Educational Foundation, which seeks to be the source of fashion information in Japan. Based on the concept of 'intelligent campus', we boast cutting-edge facilities and complete international fashion information network, which include Fashion Resource Center, Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum and Bunka Gakuen Library. The Fashion Resource Center gathers, analyzes, and provides a vast array of fashion information, including textile archives, visual references, academic and business information. Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum and Bunka Gakuen Library contains valuable materials and resources from all over the world.

In 2009, as the only institute member in Japan, we became the chair institute of International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) and another term after it. There are 47 institutes from 23 countries around the world joining IFFTI, including Nottingham Trent University, London College of Fashion and Fashion Institute of Technology, to name a few. It can be said that this prestigious honor to partake as the chair institute for two terms reinforces the fact that Bunka’s Fashion Education is highly esteemed among the world of Fashion Education.

Furthermore, we have established Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU), the only professional graduate school in Japan that awards master degree in the field of fashion. BFGU is a perfect stage for the graduates of Bunka Fashion College to complete themselves through advanced studies and create their own business plan.

The main objective of Bunka Fashion College is to reveal and nurture the individuality and aesthetic sense of each student. These students will go on to build strong international relationships and become people with great problem-solving skills and will play important roles in the international scene as global citizens.